•  Child Nutrition
    1600 Mustang Rock Road | Fort Worth, TX 76179  | Phone: 817-232-0880
    Child NutritionTeam
    The Child Nutrition Team is one branch of the EMS Operations Department, which falls under the division of the Chief of Operations.  
    Our Mission
    Purpose: The Child Nutrition Department is designed as an integral part of the total school program. It is designed as a SERVICE arm with its primary objective being to make available to all students: nutritious, appetizing, well-planned meals- whether it be breakfast or lunch.  In order to further the effectiveness of Child Nutrition, the department is to work with other departments to ensure that the students are taught the value of proper nutrition and good food habits. 
    We believe that...
    • Every student is a unique individual with a unique potential purpose.
    • Effective communication is key to success.
    • Engaged and interested students learn more effectively.
    • Respect is a key to success.
    • Education is a team effort.
    • High quality educational facilities optimize student and staff success.
    • Accountability is essential to success.
    • A physically and emotionally safe environment promotes student learning.
    • A high quality education is barrier free.

    Our department staff are willing to be their absolute best and follow these guidelines:

    • To be at work and on time.
    • To treat each and every child with the utmost respect, taking into consideration their age and uniqueness.
    • To treat school and kitchen staff with respect and work together as a team.
    • To be mindful of department resources by not being wasteful of time or supplies.
    • To do the job assigned to you with passion and speed.