Long Range Facility Planning

  • The mission of Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Independent School District is to foster a culture of excellence that instills a passion for a lifetime of continuous achievement in every student. The purpose of the Long Range Facility Planning Committee is to consider the educational needs of all students and align with the district’s mission and Aspire 2025 Pillars of Excellence, Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD's Strategic Plan. The goals of the committee are:

    • Represent the entire community, its values, and perceptions in the facility planning process
    • Assess and prioritize the district’s current and long-term facility needs, including new construction, renovations, equipment/system life cycles, and capital improvements
    • Bring forward recommendations to the Board of Trustees as to how to address the district’s facility needs to support enrollment growth and program progress, both short and long-term.
Facility Planning Committee group