• Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Booster Club FAQs

    This information is intended to provide EMS booster clubs with information and guidance in successfully supporting our students. While the district does not directly govern the operations of booster clubs, we provide this information to bring clarity and understanding for parents based on the law and best practices. Please submit questions through “Let’s Talk” located on our district website. The process is as follows:

    1.      Visit www.emsisd.com/letstalk

    2.      Submit your question by clicking on “Booster Clubs” in the Topic section.

    3.      Answers to submitted questions will be found right here!



    How do athletic and fine arts booster clubs differ?  While there are many basic similarities between athletic and fine arts booster clubs, there are some key differences as outlined by the UIL. .

    Is it important for our booster club to obtain non-profit and 501(c) status from the IRS?  In order for a booster club to become a legal, tax-exempt non-profit organization and therefore provide income tax credit to donors, conduct raffles, and receive full non-profit status, the club must apply for IRS 501(c) status among other steps. A BOOSTER CLUB CANNOT USE THE DISTRICT’S TAX EXEMPTION STATUS AS THEIR OWN.  . 
    Can a booster club use district facilities?  Yes, but all clubs must follow district procedures and guidelines for approval and specific parameters of usage. Permission must be obtained beginning with the sponsor and principal.
    Can district employees be treasurers of booster clubs?  District employees cannot serve as treasurers of booster clubs, although they can hold other offices.
    Can booster clubs promote their activities at the campus or at football games?  Yes, with the approval of the campus principal.